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Europa 84
by Theo Green


"Another winner! Great pace, worthy anecdotes, memorable encounters & a vivid style"


1. EUROPA 84

2. Scenes Along the Road

Paul Bowles
Brion Gysin
Henry Miller
Cybill Shepherd
Jim Harrison
Mel Clay

3. Further Travels

This first printing of Europa 84 is limited to 100 copies.

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Running East
by Theo Green


When the renegade artist and publisher Theo Green informed me that he was going to drive a vintage Lincoln Continental from Oakland, California, to Providence, Rhode Island, I begged Mr. Green to allow me to observe from the rear seat, so as to keep an eye on him during this perilous journey through a continental drift of endless highways and gospel radio. ... Pour yourself a generous glass of inexpensive but lurid Chilean cabernet, or a goblet of Franzia, Mr. Green's favorite boxed red wine, and pretend you are me in the back seat of the Lincoln as Theo whisks us across Amerikkka -- running east.
-- Stephen Davis
author of Hammer of the Gods: The Led Zeppelin Saga

This travelogue transcends simple genres & publishing tropes, careering
across state lines & emotional fault lines of a character in search of perpetual
excitement & stimulation. A rogue painter whose canvas is each day behind
the wheel, selling 'hot' LPs in 1970s London or squatting in French villages
as bohemian somellier. Running East moves, & takes you with it as the narrator
espouses the tale with a dadaist touch and an expressionist's abandon. This physico-
psycho-psychdelic trip tumbles thru the reader's imagination with all the fresh
unpredictability of a life curiously & creatively lived. 
-- Michael Darigan
author of Vagabond

$25 in states, $35 rest of world: check, cash, mutton curry. address? why knot.

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Catalogue Now Available

Aftermath Books Catalogue 23

Aftermath Catalogue 23 cover Brion Gyson Download Now

Section One Brion Gysin
Section Two William S. Burroughs
Section Three Ira Cohen, Mel Clay, Angus MacLise, F.A. Nettelbeck, The Living Theater, Fluxus & more... Select Small Press : Inkblot, Xochi , Blue 59, Ins & Outs, Olympia , Throb , Third Rail
Section Four Photography Erotica
Section Five Intoxicants
Section Six Miscellaneous, Deviants & Allsorts

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Farewell, Monsieur Gaston
by Nikolai Grozni

farewell-monsieur-gaston-nikolai-grozni-aftermath-books farewell-monsieur-gaston-nikolai-grozni-aftermath-books illustrations

Farewell, Monsieur Gaston is a Dionysian mystery in which every character is also an actor, and each actor is a guest from another, hidden play, where all paths are circular and appearances are but a ruse by a primordial trickster-demiurge. Set up as an Athenian tragedy complete with a skene, a chorus leader, a chorus of manic bacchants, and an audience, the novel uncloaks a sunless, grotesquely violent realm and tracks the journey of an ill-fated Hero robbed of his most prized possession: his self.

nikolai-grozni-aftermath-books Nikolai Grozni began training to become a classical pianist at the age of five. He won his first piano award in Salerno, Italy, when he was ten, and continued winning awards and performing until his untimely dismissal from the music high school in his native Sofia. He moved to Boston to study jazz and composition at Berklee College of Music, but, having set his sights on the pursuit of the transmundane, he suddenly left for India to become a Buddhist monk and study at the Institute of Buddhist Dialectics in Dharamsala. Five years later he disrobed and returned to Sofia, ostensibly to focus on his writing. Since then Grozni has published five novels and one memoir, received an MFA from Brown University, and worked on his photography, all the while traveling in triangles between Bulgaria, France and the US. Farewell, Monsieur Gaston is his latest novel.

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William S. Burrough's A Collectors Guide
by Eric C. Shoaf



212 Pages
Books by Burroughs
Contributions to Books and Anthologies
Contributions to Magazines and Journals
Articles and Books about Burroughs
Miscellaneous Print Items
Related Works

Praise for Eric Shoaf's
Burroughs Collectors Guide

"I can't tell you how many hours I've spent poring over Eric Shoaf's book with envy, not to mention the number of times I've consulted it for confirmation of this or that edition or to prove or disprove the existence of some small press item. It is an essential guide for any serious William S. Burroughs collector or scholar, and a necessary reference for any self-respecting 21st century bookman."
-- Michael Stevens, author of THE ROAD TO INTERZONE

"Whether you're a seasoned collector or only about to build your collection, Shoaf's guide will be a truly indispensable one. Most accurately researched and competently compiled, this is a welcome alternative to the outdated Maynard & Miles."
-- Niels E. Hansen, collector and gentleman

"The depth and breadth of this research is simply staggering! A must-have tome for any collector of Burroughs and Beat writers material."
-- Doug Hinman, editor and publisher

"Shoaf's collector's guide, like the earlier 2000 edition, is destined to become a collector's item itself. As with Maynard & Miles and the descriptive bibliography, it is an indispensable resource and a fascinating read for Burroughs scholars, collectors, and fans as well as bibliophiles in general. Essential for anybody collecting Burrough's men's magazine appearances or just about anything else by Burroughs in print."
-- Jed Birmingham, researcher and historian

"Eric Shoaf's earlier work has long been a standard bibliographic reference for the publications of William S. Burroughs. Unfortunately, because only 200 copies of that edition were printed, its utility has been unappreciated for far too long. Dealers, curators, librarians, collectors, scholars, and other Burroughs aficionados should rejoice that a new, revised, and expanded edition is being made available."
-- Brian Cassidy, Bookseller, Beat writer specialist, member ABAA

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